The 80/20 Strategy is FOR struggling students, working professionals, and the hard working parent WHO WANT/NEED excellent scores and grades. And the 80/20 Strategy is an easy to follow book THAT PROVIDES a simple and systematic approach for scoring A’s on all class assignments, homework assignments, projects, laboratory experiments, quizzes, tests and exams and overcomes testing/examination anxieties. UNLIKE other exam guides which are voluminous, difficult to follow and where most of the study tips are forgettable, the 80/20 strategy provides a roadmap and a memorable test & exam passing system.  When consistently employed, this book becomes an integral part of the learners’ balanced educational and professional life.

The 8020 Strategy: Share with friends, families, class mates, and co-workers to discover simple methods that can help overcome exam disappointments

Provides simple strategy and efficient learning techniques for passing all quizzes, tests and exams

Designed for high school students, college/university students, continuing education students, professionals preparing for professional exams, and parents taking classes to upgrade themselves for pay raise or to change a career

The 80/20 Strategy is now practiced worldwide

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