Dr. David Addie Noye is a researcher, an engineering designer, an inventor, a professor and a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Noye is a USA citizen of Ghanaian descent. As past student and an Adjunct Professor, Dr. Noye understands educational system and hurdles students must go through to graduate successfully with excellent grades and a good GPA. Being a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Noye has learned the up and downs in starting and growing businesses both internationally and in the United States. Dr. Noye currently lives and works in the United States, but he has also lived, schooled and visited several countries including Canada, India, Singapore, Ghana, Bahamas, Philippines, China, Nigeria, and United Kingdom. As a result, combining his academic, research, industrial, business and traveling experiences and skill sets, Dr. Noye is in the best and unique position to teach and share his experiences to help people of diverse backgrounds.

Education Experience
Dr. Noye taught at Southern Polytechnic State University (Now part of Kennesaw University) in Marietta, Georgia as an Adjunct Professor where he introduced Nanotechnology to the University. Similarly, at the University of Northern Iowa, while pursuing his doctorate degree, as Graduate Assistant, Dr. Noye added and taught Nanotechnology at the University. At GRATIS Foundation as Director of Engineering Design Center, Dr. Noye created various engineering design and manufacturing skills training courses for engineers and technicians in the industry. He was vice chair of engineering design standards committee of the Ghana Standards Board that prepared Engineering Design Standards for Ghana.

Business Experience
Dr. David Noye is the Founder/Chairman of NanoResearch Inc (www.nanoresearchinc.com), advanced research, design, development, invention, and commercialization firm. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia at CollabTech of Georgia State University. Dr. Noye is also affiliated with Georgia Institute of Technology as Industry participant of Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Noye is also Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SmartEnergi Corp (www.smartenergicorp.com), a global energy product manufacturer and distributor. In Georgia Aerospace in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Noye was the Director of Nanotechnology Research and pioneered the introduction of Nanotechnology into the Company. Furthermore, Dr. Noye worked with John Deere in the area of continuous improvement.

Philanthropic Experience
Dr. David Noye is also a philanthropist and founded NanoLab Foundation (www.nanolabfoundation.com) to promote job, income generation, and advanced manufacturing trainingmicro infrastructure projects in the United States and overseas. To this end, Dr. Noye has spent several years of research and has developed proposals for creating Industrial Villages in the USA and abroad to accelerate job creation in the inner cities of the USA and developing economies of the world. In Ghana, Dr. Noye worked with GRATIS Foundation as Director of Engineering Design Center. Dr. Noye participated in numerous high profile projects including the creation of Engineering Design Center funded by international organizations such as Canada International Development Agency (CIDA) and the European Union (EU).

Professional Associations
Dr. Noye is a member of many professional organizations including Inventors Association of Georgia and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Besides, Dr. Noye is a member of Commerce Club in Atlanta, Georgia and can also be found on LinkedIn.
Academic Qualifications
Dr. David Noye has doctorate in Industrial Technology with specialty in Nanotechnology from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa in the USA; MSc in Engineering Design from Engineering Design Institute of Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK; Post-graduate Diploma in Production Management and Tool Design from India; and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.


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